Quotes from Plato’s Apology

Here are some of my favorite quotes by Socrates in Plato’s Apology:

When examining politicians:
“I am wiser than this man; it is likely that neither of us knows anything worthwhile, but he thinks he knows something when he does not, whereas when I do not know, neither do I think I know; so I am likely to be wiser than he to this small extent, that I do not think I know what I do not know.” (21d)

“It is not difficult to avoid death, gentlemen; it is much more difficult to avoid wickedness, for it runs faster than death.” (39b)

“When the god ordered me, as I thought and believed, to live as a philosopher, to examine myself and others, I had abandoned my post for fear of death or anything else.” (28e)

“I say gentleman, to those who voted to kill me, that vengeance will come upon you immediately after my death, a vengeance much harder to bear than that which you took in killing me.” (39c)

“Let us reflect in this way, too, that there is good hope that death is a blessing, for it is one of two things: either the dead are nothing and have no perception of anything, or it is, as we are told, a change and a relocation of the soul from here to another place.” (40c)

“If it is complete lack of perception, like a dreamless sleep, then death would be a great advantage.” (40d)

“Keep this one truth in mind, that a good man cannot be harmed either in life or in death, and that his affairs are not neglected by the gods.” (41d)

“I go to die, you go to live. Which of us goes to the better lot is known to no one, except the god.” (42a)

Last one is my favorite.

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~ by Shawn Hatjes on February 12, 2010.

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